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Airport Style: 5 Tips for Staying Comfy AND Cute

May 12, 2015

Lesbehonest gals. A travel day at the airport can be so hectic- the last thing we want to do is get all jazzed up and put on  pair of heels to run to terminal 27 in three minutes or risk missing your flight. At least- that’s how I feel about. That being said, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats and sneakers!  I like to opt for something comfortable, yet cute!

beach hair, sheinside, h & m, high waisted shorts, off the shoulder top, beach blonde

I wore this outfit with some comfy flat gladiator sandals, and opted for a cardigan to cover up on the plane- because it almost always seems like the person next to me likes to turn up their air to “arctic blast”.

So, here are my 5 tips to stay comfy AND cute on those long travel days.

Pcute travel outfit, cute airplane outfit, travel day

  1. Wear flats. I know it may sounds obvious, but  between running around like a chicken with your head cut off, digging for travel documents out multiple bags, you’ll be glad you wore flats. Plus, you’ll most likely be asked to take your shoes off during a security check point, so shoes with 35 buckles are a no-go.

  2. Bring a sweater or a cardigan. Hell, even a poncho will do. (They had some pretty sweet ones in the Mexican airport. Let’s just say I was tempted.) Unless you’re flying first class or on a long international flight, you most likely wont be offered a blanket. And- if your luck is anything like mine you’ll want to cover up as the dude next to you turns his air as high as it will go.

  3. Keep a touch-up kit in your carry-on. You’re traveling, I get it. No need to do full on hair and makeup (if you don’t want to), but among all that hustle and bustle and stale airplane air that they recirculate indefinitely, you might want to keep a small bag with the basics in it. Comb, lipstick, powder. Have some pride. Wouldn’t you just absolutely die if Kim K were at your terminal and your schmeary travel face was caked with peanut crumbs and boogers flicked at you by the kid in the seat next to you? (I’ve had that happen.) Just kidding, you wouldn’t die. But seriously.

  4. Again, common sense- but Put non-essentials in your checked baggage. It’s so much easier to be comfortable and stay perfectly pruned when traveling when you’re not lugging around a 50 lb carry-on. Trust me I would know. I make this mistake almost every time. “Well I need my camera and all the lenses because they will get damaged. I need my makeup because it my brake in my luggage and what if my luggage gets lost?!?!” Ok- well keep those items with you, and pack EVERYTHING else in your luggage.  Try to keep it as light as possible. Rushing around and carrying a purse plus a heavy carry-on (especially one not on wheels) will certainly result in you looking like  a disheveled mess. (Raising my hand.) This time I opted to put everything else besides those items in my checked bag. It made things much easier.


  1. Last but not least, Accessorize. Travel days are easiest when comfy right- but wearing something casual doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up with a bit of jewelry or fun accessories. My must haves include sunglasses,  cute bags (see below), and some good chunky jewlery.

off the shoulder top, aztec necklace, beachy blonde waves

off the shoulder top, high waisted, destroyed denim, blonde, waves

Outfit Details:

Shorts: Forever 21, Distressed Denim Cutoffs, $34.90

Off The Shoulder Top: SheInside, Off the Shoulder Blouse, $9.99 BOOM!

Necklace: H&M (They still have them in the store, but can’t find it online. Here is one that’s similar)  H&M, $14.90


I also have to mention the TOTALLY AWESOME travel bags they have at target right now. I personally have these two- and they are having a buy one get one 50% off in the store!

aztec travel bag, aztec weekenderThere’s also an amazing hot pink tassel cluster on this bag- I’m not sure why they don’t have it pictured, but it was the reason why I got the bag!

 Ant then there’s this bag that I totally swooned over when I saw it.

aztec tote, tassel bag, beach bag

So, that’s a wrap for my cute and comfy travel tips. Bon voyage y’all!

xo Kelli

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