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Chambray on Denim-Today’s Look

May 16, 2015

denim on denim, fringe cross body bag, blonde waves, fringe booties

denim on denim, double denim, chambray on denim, canadian tuxedo, blonde waves, high waistd, distressed denim

gossip girl coffee cup, cute coffee cup, denim on denim, canadian tuxedo, double denim

Today I’m bringing back the oldie but goodie- thee Canadian tuxedo. You’re welcome JT and Britney.(If you don’t remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore a gloriously hideous matching denim duo to some award show when we were like 13. (Whatever, Britney looked DAYUM good.)

 JT and britney

And here’s me laughing at the fact that I do, indeed have a “Canadian tuxedo” on.

denim on denim, britney and justin denim, what not to wear, candadian tuxedo

Forgot all about this term and I’m proud to say I’m going to bring it back, just like I want to bring the toe ring back (ahem- Courtney and Krista. I’ll wear one and you WILL like it. You guys will be like “ohmygodsocauuuuteee” and I’ll be like “#toldyouso”.) Just kidding. But seriously.

denim 6

denim on denim, double denim, blonde, fringe bag, cross body bag, cross body fringe bag, fringe booties

These peep toe fringe booties are totally rocking my world. Also, my fringe obsession is getting a little out of control.

denim on denim, chambray on denim, chambray, canadian tuxedo, just fab, fringe booties, blonde waves

The original point of this post today was to have my amazing make-up artist friend, Melissa Mull work her magic on me as a practice run for an event she has coming up. I’ll tell y’all what she does a- badass smoky eye. Also, after thinking my eyes were blue my  entire life, I had two people tell me my eyes were green. Who knew? Um, not me. So apparently- she’s THAT GOOD! Follow her on Facebook, at Melissa Mull Make-up Designs.

 denim 9

Also- if you know me, this pic describes me perfectly. (Oh ha ha look at me, I’m so care free and friggin’ hilarious,  I want to be a mermaid and. . . I like fringe alot.)

fringe bag, blonde waves, denim on denim, double denim

 denim fave 2

peep toe booties, fringe bootes, seude fringe booties

Dem Booties -doh!! Yasssss honey! (I’m just saying this out loud to myself as I insert this image.)

//Peep Toe Fringe Booties- Malone, Just Fab//Fringe Cross Body Bag- Haden, Just Fab// (Join the club and get steals and deals! I got both of these items for $24.99 for my first purchase- say wuhhhh?!)

//Side-Slit High Low Chambray Top- Charlotte Russe//Distressed Cutoff Shorts, Similar- Forever 21//

//Sunnies-(Similar) Over-sized Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Forever 21//Ring, H&M//

//”What Would Serena Van Der Woodsen Do?” Travel Coffee Mug,


Out for the night and Happy Fri-yay y’all!

xo Kelli

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  • Mยช Jesรบs May 26, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    Perfect mix of denim. loving the color in the pictures.

    • bighairandfoodiefare May 26, 2015 at 6:57 pm

      Thank ya! I do love a good colorful background! ;o)

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