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    Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

    June 30, 2015

    banana cupcake, peanut butter frosting, peanut butter banana, home made, peanut butter frosting, f00d

    Hello again blog fam and foodie fans. I’m well aware that it’s been a while since I’ve posted about food. My excuse is that it’s summer and grilling weather. Most of the time we just throw some veggies and meat on the grill- and, I just haven’t been “cooking” as much. Warmer weather calls for lighter eating in my book.

    Today however I had several brown bananas on the counter, and I’ve been craving a banana cake. Perfect timing.  I normally decide to make cupcakes over a cake because they travel easier, and are easier to portion out. Plus, I can give them away. Who wants one?!

    banana cake, banana cupcake, peanut butter banana, peanut butter frosting, home made, food blogger

    banana cake, banana cupcakes, peanut butter, peanut butter icing, food blogger

    cupcakes, banana cupcake, banana cake, home made, food blogger, food styling, food photography

    So my chocolate drizzle didn’t really turn out as pretty as I had hoped (although it still tastes fine!). I melted some chocolate chips with a bit of sweetened condensed milk, and tried to drizzle it from a squeeze bottle. The bottle got too hot in the microwave, and the chocolate mixture didn’t get hot enough- as you can see. So, the lesson is: next time melt the chocolate chips an condensed milk in a sauce pan, and just drizzle with a spoon, or transfer to a squeeze bottle after chips are fulyl melted and incorporated into the sweetened condensed milk. Hey, ya live and ya learn!

    Banana Cupcakes (Sans Icing)
    Yields 16
    These cupcakes are the perfect treat to make with brown bananas! Top with any kind of icing you like- I choose peanut butter frosting!
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    1. 2 large room temperature eggs
    2. 1 1/4 c ripe mashed bananas
    3. 1 Tbsp Lockerbean's Vanilla Extract
    4. 1/2 c softened unsalted butter
    5. 1 c sugar
    6. 1/4 c butter milk (or homemade soured milk- see notes!)
    7. 2 1/2 c flour (cake four works best but you can use all-purpose too)
    8. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
    9. 1/2 tsp salt
    1. Make sure your eggs and butter are room temperature.
    2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and line muffin tin with 16 liners.
    3. Add water to remaining empty muffin spaces to ensure even cooking through out pan.
    4. Cream together butter and sugar.
    5. In a separate bowl, mash bananas.
    6. Whisk together the butter milk and bananas.
    7. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk.
    8. Mix eggs with bananas mixture.
    9. Add vanilla to creamed sugar and butter.
    10. Add the banana and egg mixture to the creamed mixture.
    11. Mix thoroughly.
    12. In a separate bowl, whisk together all dry ingredients.
    13. Incorporate dry ingredients into wet ingredients little by little.
    14. Divide batter evenly among lined tins.
    1. If you don't have buttermilk on hand, you can use 1/4 c milk and 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. I used almond milk, but cow's or soy milk will work too!
    Adapted from Big Hair and Foodie Fare
    Big Hair and Foodie Fare
    Easy Peanut Butter Frosting
    This easy peanut butter frosting will go great on any cake or cupcakes- vanilla, banana, chocolate- you name it!
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    Total Time
    15 min
    Total Time
    15 min
    1. 2- 8 oz packages softened-room temperature cream cheese
    2. 1/2 c creamy peanut butter
    3. 2 Tbsp Lockerbean's Vanilla Extract
    4. 5 c sifted powdered sugar
    1. Cream together cream cheese and peanut butter until well incorporated.
    2. Add vanilla.
    3. Add powdered sugar 1/2 c at a time.
    4. Pipe onto cupcakes.
    1. This recipe makes enough to cover approximately 32 cupcakes, or a large layer cake. I like to save the second half and freeze it for my next round of cupcakes! Halve this recipe if you are only baking a dozen cupcakes.
    Adapted from Big Hair and Foodie Fare
    Big Hair and Foodie Fare
    Andddddd. . . . now it’s dessert time. Wishing y’all a fabulous, and SWEET night!

    xoxo Kelli


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