My Newest Nail Obsession, the perfect color to transition to fall and my review on Gel Polish

September 1, 2015

Hi babes. Kelli here with a quick #beautyrave today. I’ve been getting my nails done since I was 15. . .I’ve probably gone polish free 3 times since then, and I felt completely naked. I feel like my hands look like a 12 year old boy’s without polish. . .but grow my nails out and I feel like a friggin’ Disney princess.

My beauty rave today is a little bit behind on the times- GEL POLISH–> I’M IN LOVE!- I’ll stick with a routine until you put a knife to my throat. That’s what happened with my nail-tech, Jeannie. (Well not really- but lesbihonest. She suggested gel polish to me probably 5 times in a row before I tried it.) My polish kept turning color and rubbing off by the time I would come back for a fill. (I generally get acrylic over my natural nail because it would hold polish better. . .I am pretty rough on my hands so polish on my natural nails had never really been an option.) One of my pet peeves is chipped nail polish. Barf-a-roni.

So I knew that gel polish is relatively chip free, and the mani lasts WAYYYY longer than traditional nail polish. BUT- what I wasn’t aware of was that it DRIES IN ONE MINUTE. Boom. For a girl who fudges up her nails EVERY SINGLE TIME she gets the done before she leaves the shop, or immediately after- this is huge! Now my nails stay looking perf and fresh to deathhhh until my next appointment.


So, 1. Gel nails. Do it if you haven’t tried it. You can use on natural nails or acrylics (I have acrylics right now, in the coffin/ballet shape as you can see below. Yes it costs a little more, but to me it’s worth it!

  1. This new ombre polish is rocking my world. I typically stick with a somewhat neutral polish (white, light pink, nude, grey). This gel I’ve been loving changes from white to grey with temperature fluctuations. Hello 2015, nails. be. on. fleek. (If you know me, picture me saying this is my “got-attitude” voice. Joan, I’m lookin’ at you!) You can see the ombre in the iphone photo below- along with the bottle of polish from the salon. I feel like the white-to-gray ombre is the perfect color for summer to fall!

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My nail girl is Jeannie- and she’s the bomb. Any of you indy girls looking for an awesome, creative and meticulous nail tech- she’s your gal. She owns Zen Lounge on East Washington Street. Please, please tell her I sent you. She does some of the coolest nail art I’ve ever seen. (I feel like I’m disappointing sometimes with my same old request every time I go in!) To check out some of her fun nail art- follow her on instagram at @nailninjah)  Also, I’d like to say my polish looks neat and tidy, and Jeannie is a perfectionist- which I totally appreciate! (I feel like my last nail tech would just slop through the job and did a paint job my 4 year old niece could have rivaled!)

  • Zen Lounge- (317)897-6414
  • 10069 E Washington St. Indpls 46229

Here are a few pics of my nail shape, and my polish when my hands are cold. (Cold hands= gray, warm hands= white) So cool!

coffin nails, ballerina nails, beauty rave, beauty blogger, indy blogger, midwest blogger

coffin nails, ballerina nails, beauty rave, beauty blogger, indy blogger, midwest blogger

Rings from Forever 21.

I also thought- just for fun I would include my toe polish color, and make it a complete mani/pedi post.

I used to think that my toes and nails had to match all the time. More recently, I’ve been mixing and matching- especially if the colors are from the same color pallette/scheme. I’ve also been doing my toes at home to save money and offset the cost of my gel nails. So worth it to me. I use regular polish on my toes because it seems stay better than on my hands and I have to do them less frequently.

coffin nails, ballerina nails, beauty rave, beauty blogger, indy blogger, midwest blogger

Love, love love this color! So girly and fresh! This color is:  “mod about you”. (If you’re a creepy guy with a foot fetish, please let’s just keep our relationship at this photo and I’ll request you keep your thoughts or weirdo emails to yourself.) I had a random guy ask me to marry him in the mall once because he liked my feet. I’m sure (or I’m hoping) he wasn’t serious but it was weird all the same.

coffin nails, ballerina nails, beauty rave, beauty blogger, indy blogger, midwest blogger

That’s it for today. I’d love to see your manis or hear your thoughts on gel polish- comment away gals!

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  • Kacie Firkins September 1, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    I have the saaaame problem. I feel gross when my nails aren’t painted but I never paint my nails because they’re so brittle that polish lasts literally, a few hours. Wah! I love that OPI color too, so pretty!


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