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    10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Him

    December 23, 2015
    10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

    Last minute holiday gift guide for him: Swig Flask

    I normally do the bulk of my Christmas shopping online, and at the beginning of December. However- I’m almost never finished at the beginning of the month. I always seem to have a few last minute items that I stress about. This year, fear not- I’ve put together a last minute gift guide for him.

    First on my list- and a gift he will be able to keep for years to come: a Swig Flask.

    Last minute holiday gift guide for him: Swig Hip Flask

    Sure, you can get a flask almost anywhere- but these are amazing quality. Not to mention, you wont even have to wrap it, because the packaging is totally adorbs.  You can choose your flask sleeve, making them customizable , and they available in gift sets making them great for any special occasion.

    Last minute holiday gift guide for him: Swig Flask

    Cute right?

    Last minute holiday gift guide for him: Swig Flasks

    Swig Hip Flask

    You can either on the product set at the top of the page (if you’re on a computer) and if you’re on your mobile device, you can check out  the product links below. Happy shopping!



    • Golf Trunk Organizer, One Kings Lane- You could also fill it up with a new pair of golf shoes, glove or balls. Boom, gift done.
    • Cards Against Humanity, Amazon. The crudest, dirtiest talkin’ card game ever. If you’ve never played, you’re missing out.
    • 60 Second Charcoal Starter, Hammacher and Schlemmer. For the manly man who likes to grill, and doesn’t use any of that pussy-gas grill shit.
    • Mini Italian Rubs Set, Williams Sonoma. Spice rubs for that BBQ he’s gonna cook up.
    • Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Amazon. Because, Star Wars. I already have this, but I still think it makes a great gift.
    • Men’s Flannel PJ Pants, Old Navy (ON SALE!) For roasting marshmallows by the fire, and snuggling while watching Starwars. Or playing cards. . .
    • Tree Hut- All Wooden Watch: Zebrawood + Ebony, Tree Hut. These are cool. If i were a dude. But I’m not.
    • Bulleit Bourbon, 10 Year, Holiday Wine Cellar. Might I suggest Big Red Liquors if you’re local? I mean, you can’t go wrong with bourbon. Plus, you can have some too. And, you can put it in his brand new Swig Flask.
    • Sipping Stones Whiskey Chilling Rocks Gift Set, Amazon. I shopped around a bit and the price for the number of rocks included is the best. For those times when he doesn’t want to put his whiskey in his flask, and wants it chilled but not watered down. I’ve given these as gifts several times!

    Well there you go gals, 10 easy gift ideas for the last minute! Who has their shopping done?!?! Now on to wrapping for me. . .

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