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6 Business Casual Essentials for the Modern Business Gal

January 24, 2016

Business Casual Essetials

Business Casual Essentials

business casual essentials

business casual essentials

business casual essentials


Some of you may have noticed- but this month I’ve totally been a slacker. I recently started a new job in October, which has quite a long commute. That combined with a huge change in my hours (going from working evenings and going to bed at 3 a.m. for the last 8 years, to waking up at 5:30 every day has left me good and useless when it’s come to anything other than work.)

Also, can I just say winter SUCKS for taking photos. It’s dark when I wake up and leave, and pretty damn close to dark when I get home, leaving me with little to no daylight to capture any #ootds. Bring on the longer days!!!

Today’s post is about finding those perfect staple pieces for work. I’m in sales, and while I’m not required a suit- I do need to look somewhat like a grown up. (Which is very disappointing for me. Boring- right?) That being said, I do like a good blazer. It immediately dresses up almost any outfit. Below you’ll find my favorite business casual essentials- listed in no particular order- with links for purchase.

  1. A FITTED black blazer. Seriously girls. If you don’t buy one that’s “fitted” I’m going to say I hope it’s supposed to be “boyfriend” cut. Those are great too, but I prefer those with a tighter pant or skirt. What I’m getting at is- BUY ONE THAT FITS YOUR BODY. I saw a girl in the locker room the other day in a pant suit- she was trying to look nice. However, her whole suit was so big for her and it swallowed her up. Instead of looking crisp and polished, she looked frumpy. I’m not saying this to be mean, it would have just painted an overall presentation if it would have actually fit her figure.
  2. A pair of dark blue jeans. No holes. This kills me. I am the queen of destroyed jeans. The more holes the more me likey. I’m a product of the Saved by the Bell era. I can’t help it. I do have a few pairs with just a slit in the knee- and I have worn these to casual meetings with heels and a blazer to dress them up- but as a general rule- I try to keep the jeans as classic as possible for work. (Unless I’m working in the plant and then I can wear whatever the hell I want.)
  3. A large tote in a classic shade. Black, brown, grey or tan- keep it timeless so you can carry it forever. This bag will be a investment for your business essential arsenal. As a fan of small purses and fun clutches- I know this one can be hard- BUT, a tote has saved my life work-wise. I keep a planner (yes,  I know I’m in the stone age for not putting my scheduling and appointments in my phone calendar) a binder for notes at meetings, two phones, a business card holder and often times my Surface-Pro.  A bigger bag allows me to keep work and personal items all in one place instead of carrying a briefcase ad a purse.
  4. A pair of dressy, black booties (for winter) and pumps (for summer, or no snow). Lesbehonest. I’m a fan of the bootie. Aren’t we all? You can’t go wrong with black. The one’s pictured are from forever 21, and I’ve only had them about three weeks, but can no longer find them online. The chunky heel makes them infinitely easier to walk in, so I’ve tagged a very similar pair for you. I recommend finding a pair that you deem COMFORTABLE. So often I buy shoes and heels, but don’t want to wear them to a meeting, just in case the clutz in me decides to trip and fall in front of a client. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear heels to work- I just try to find ones with a lower heel, and a comfort factor.
  5. Fun printed blouses. I’m not the type of gal that will wear a plain, white button up from Ann Taylor. If I’m going classic with the blazer and other items, I want a fun blouse. Forever 21 and Zaful have amazing choices at great prices.
  6. A good every day watch. The one I have on in this photo is a rose gold Kate Spade watch. Goes with everything and I think a watch is always a good classic, jewelry staple.


Blouse: V-neck, colorful floral

Booties:Guess, Hardey Black Seude Booties-

Tote Shown is Pulicati (I got it at Marshall’s and can’t find one anywhere online besides ebay) (Similar): Kate Spade, Cedar Street Harmony Tote,

Blazer: HM, figure fit jacket :

Watch: Kate Spate, Gramercy Grand Watch in Rose,


What are your go-to business essentials?

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  • Kacie Nicole January 25, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Love this look – that top is adorable!! Ugh, yes, winter sucks for taking pictures when you work office hours. Jaime and I are lucky that we work together so we can do lunchtime shoots! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!


  • Alora January 24, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    I’m so happy to see your next blog. I really look forward to them. Keep them coming.

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