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    The Truth About Microblading: Should or shouldn’t you?

    August 28, 2016

    Hi Blog fam- I haven’t done a beauty/glam post in a while and I thought I’d share with you my microblading experience. And the truth is. . . . I wish I would have known about microblading years ago. IT’S PRETTY FREAKING AMAZING- so the answer is- you SHOULD! Duh! (See what I did there- you thought I was going to say something horrible happened!)

    In case you haven’t been following the beauty trends for the last year- right along with highlighting and contouring/strobing and baking- bold brows are in.  I mean- brows are life right now. Thick natural brows are the thing (and even if super thin Pamela Anderson brows come back, I don’t think I’ll be heading down that road). Back to my brows-I think we can all agree I was lacking in the brow department. Whispy and thin- my eyebrows were NEVER symmetrical when I tried to fill them in.

    This was my every day:

    Brows are so important!


    So when a makeup artist friend on facebook posted about microblading, along with some photos I was fascinated and wanted to know all about it. All the photos looked great- natural and perfectly precise- but I was scared of what they would look like in person. I had never seen a pair of these bad boys in real life.   After a few months or tormenting myself over all the befores and afters all over FB and Insta, I went ahead and signed up to do it with a girlfriend of mine.

    We were terrified. What if we looked crazy? Well shit, at least we would look crazy together.

    I booked the appointment with Kathy Moberly, a makeup artist who Megan Luman (the gal who’s posts I was originally interested in) recommended. She had done Megan’s brows and I had looked through many photos of Kathy’s work and decided to take the plunge. 

    I got there and Kathy explained everything to me again (she had already explained in detail a few weeks before when I booked the appointment) and she made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was doing as she went. I could also tell that Kathy was a bit of a perfectionist as she took the time to make sure I was perfectly symmetrical before starting the actual procedure. (I was very appreciative of this as I am too! #virgo)


    Microblading Brow Progression



    As you can see, they turned out great! (Thanks Kathy, you rock!)

    Here’s a few facts about microblading and how it works:

    Who is a good candidate for microblading? Anyone who has over plucked their brows (to the point they don’t grow back in normally), has thin  or asymmetrical brows, or anyone who is lazy (like me) and hates taking the time to fill those suckers in every day.

    Is Microblading just like a tattoo? No, these are semi-permanent and fade over a year or two depending on how well you take care of them, i.e. sun exposure and the health of your skin. This pigment is not injected into the skin like a tattoo. This uses a natural vegetable dye (hypo-allergenic) and this technique uses tiny cuts (similar to paper cuts) where the pigment is absorbed into the cuts.

    Does it hurt? No, your brow artist will numb you up and you shouldn’t feel a thing!

    How long does it take? The first appointment will take about two hours. Your brow artist will need to match a pigment to your natural brows and define your basic shape and symmetry before the actual procedure begins. The second appointment can take almost as long, depending on how much touch up you need. (I personally wanted a little extra thickness on the inner corners.)

    What is the healing period/after care like? You’ll have to wear an antibiotic on the brows for the first 24 hours and then vaseline on them during showers and workouts for the next two weeks. Don’t get them wet! You’ll also have some natural scabbing- let these fall of naturally as picking them might pull the pigment out. Also, don’t go in direct sunlight for the first two weeks, and wear sunscreen on them after the two week period.

    How long before I go back for my second appointment? 4-6 weeks and this appointment is very important as they give the finished look!

    So what’s the verdict? Do I hate or love ’em? UM, LOVE- of course! When I wear make-up I do a heavy look, but often times through the week and for the gym- I just rock a BB cream only and these brows frame my face so much better and give me a much more polished look! My only complaint (and I don’t know if it’s even considered a complaint) is the scabbing itches a little, and I’m the worlds biggest picker/popper. It was really tough for me to let the brows be and not pick! Other than that, I am seriously so happy- my makeup routing has been majorly shortened and getting ready in the morning is that much easier!

    These are just basic instructions, of course your brow artist will give you a more detailed account of how best to take care of your new, improved, and glamorous brows!


    Here I am playing on Snap during my 2nd appointment while waiting for the pigment to do it’s magic!

    Microblading touch up



    Since I’ve got them done, I’ve talked to at least 5 other gals who have also had them done and I haven’t heard a single complaint. If you’d like more information, you can reach out to Kathy Moberly . She does gorgeous special occasion makeup as well, and she travels too! (I’m located in Indy for you out- of-towners- but I would recommending getting references and seeing lots of pictures of anyone ‘s work who you’re considering- this is your face after all!)

    Kathy Moberly


    Instagram: @kathymoberly (she’s got lots of befores and afters posted if you want to check out other photo’s besides mine!)

    Facebook: Kathy Lynn Moberly


    Please tell her I sent you!

    Questions? Ask below!

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