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    Haute Life Indy Dinner Party Series: Part 1- Smoked Leg of Lamb Greek Sandwiches

    February 28, 2017

    Smoked Leg of Lamb Greek SandwichesSmoked Leg of Lamb Greek Sandwiches

    Smoked Leg of Lamb Greek SandwichesSmoked Leg of Lamb Greek Sandwiches

    Last Sunday I had the pleasure of having over one of my girlfriends, private Chef Megan McClannahan of Haute Life Indy. I first met Megan back in my bartending days when she sat at the bar. At the time, I co-owned a small event planning business that provided mostly bartending and catering for private parties. She invited us over for dinner, to showcase her chef skills- and OH MY GOD. Or should I say, OH MY GODDESS? Because that’s what she is. A kitchen goddess. This girl has some mad skills! So here’s my full disclosure- this is Megan’s recipe-not mine. I just thought it was too good not to share with y’all! (Megan’s contact info is listed at the end of this post- she is for hire!)

    I’ll be doing a succession of recipe posts from Sunday’s dinner, starting today with these Smoked Leg of Lamb Greek Sandwiches.We paired these sammies with a warm lemony potato salad, and an Anaheim kalamata veggie salad. YUM. (Recipes to come in subsequent posts.)

    I can honestly say, I’ve never personally smoked anything before- Aaron is the grill master around here and I usually do the sides, salads and desserts. So when Megan said she wanted to make these sandwiches with smoked leg of lamb, I was all for it. Aaron left for work and Megan was sweatin’ away in the kitchen so I was in charge of the smoker. I honestly had so much trouble getting the temperature regulated- but finally after a lot of cursing and throwing shit around on the back porch, I got the temp set in the proper range and that was it! We had the lamb on the smoker for about 2 hours and 15 minutes until the internal temperature reached 145 degrees. I have to say- I am so excited to have the recipe for this marinade/rub- it was amazing! We let the lamb rest for about 30 minutes before carving it up and dressed these sandwiches with lightly tossed mixed greens in a vinegar and oil, sprouts, pickled red onions, Pepperocinis and a Kalamata spread that Megan made. Recipe for the Kalamata spread is also below.

    Smoked Leg of Lamb

    1 4-5lb Bone in leg of lamb
    3T All purpose Greek seasoning (Cavender’s)
    2T Harrisa seasoning
    4oz Garlic purée
    4oz Parsley purée or 1/2c chopped
    3T Chopped Basil
    3T Oregano
    Juice 1 lemon plus zest
    2T Olive oil
    Mix all in bowl, sans lamb
    Rise and dry lamb. Place in gallon size Ziplock bag. Spoon marinade into the bag, seal out air and rub around to cover meat. Refrigerate overnight up to two days!!

    Heat smoker to 275 and cook meat to 145 degrees, about 2 hours and 15min. Let rest for 20-30 min, carve and serve. With Kalamata spread.

    Kalamata spread

    1/2C Plain Greek yogurt
    1/2C Kalamata olives, pitted
    1/4C Capers
    1tsp All purpose Greek seasoning
    1T Honey
    1T Garlic purée
    1T Lemon juice

    Blend all ingredients in food processor or mini food chopper. (We used my Cuisinart for this.)Serve on side of lamb, or on crusty bread/sandwich.


    Next post from this dinner party series will be another item Meg’s made to compliment these sandwiches- Warm Lemony Potato Salad. YUM!

    Smoked Leg of Lamb Greek Sandwiches

    Megan is available for private parties, events and I believe she even does delivery. Give her a call for your next event, and tell her I sent you! Follow her on Instagram to see what she is cooking for the day at: @hautelifeindy

    Haute Life Indy

    Megan McClannahan



    Until next time blog fam! I’ll be back with more yummy food pics and recipes from Haute Life Indy.

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