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    Houlihan’s Field + Farm Menu

    July 11, 2017

    Hi blog friends! More recently, I have had several restaurants reach out to me to do reviews or come in and check out new menus and/or concepts to share with you all!  I’m excited to say that I think I’ll be making some changes to the blog and adding an “Around Indy” (or something along those lines) .


    Tonight I’m sharing our experience with Houlihan’s new Field+ Farm menu.

    Can we take a moment to discuss my love for tequila drinks? (Or well made ones anyway.) This little juicy box was right up my alley. Charred pineapple and jalapeno?  The char on this pineapple really adds a nice little smoky element to this drink. I would have had a second one, but we ordered a bottle of wine.

    Spicy Charred Pinapple Margarita

    Spicy Charred Pineapple

    This Dos Carne Burger is also on the Field + Farm menu. (You had me at Chorizo and runny egg). You can also order a gluten free bun for this one!

    Dos Carne BurgerHoulihan's Field + Farm Menu


    Also- these Cubano Egg Rolls aren’t on the  Field + Farm menu (just the regular appetizer menu) but I whole-heartedly suggest ordering these. Next time I will probably just order these as my meal. They were AMAZEballs.

    Dos Carne Burger

    Also- Tuesday’s are half price wine night (we went on a Tuesday on purpose just for this reason!) And snagged a bottle of Shatter Grenache by Orrin Swift (Dave Phinney and Joel Gott for those of you who know your wines), woop woop. Great deal for this bottle!

    Tuesday is Half Price wine night at Houlihan's

    We also did the pots de creme- because you can’t leave without dessert! (All under 105 calories!)

    Houlihan's Mini Creme Brulees


    Here is the Field + Farm menu for you to check out:

    This is a limited time menu, so if you want to try it hurry in before its gone, y’all!

  • Cast Iron Mussels and Bucatini

    Cast Iron Mussels and Bucatini

    So I was totally pissed after I took these photos of this dish BECAUSE- the whole freakin’ point of the dish was for me to do a seafood pasta with LEMON RICOTTA and smoked…

    July 6, 2017