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The Denim Mini is back! Here are 5 of the cutest under $50

July 9, 2017


5 Denim Mini's under $50

5 Denim Mini's under $50

Denim Mini Skirts


5 Denim Mini's under $50

Before anyone asks where I got my necklace stack- it is three separate necklaces and the bottom two are vintage and if I remember correctly they were either my great grandmas or she gave them to me when I was a little girl. My mom recently found them at her house and I really think they looked perfect with the light blue color pallette!

Denim mini skirts are back and I’ve done the leg-work for ya’ll and scoured the interwebs for 5 cutesy pieces under $50.  (Linked below!)

Friday Aaron asked me if I would go to Deviate Brewery (4004 W 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 462)with him to do a beer trade. Um, yes? You’re buying me beers and snapping some blog photos for me? I’m there. (Plus we went to Brugge in Broadripple for mussels and fries afterward, so he really knows the way to my heart!)

If you haven’t been t Deviate and you like to check out local breweries – I highly recommend it. You can order in or bring in your own take out and the have local art and board games to play too! You can see the brew tanks right next to the tables and the also provide free popcorn. Need I say more? I’ve actually taken several rounds of blog photos here or at the auto garage next door when here (you can see the garage door in the background).  Because I’m so supa classy.

So, to get back to the denim mini, I’m so super excited about this trend. Let’s be honest- I hope denim (in any form but the Canadian tuxedo) never goes out of style, so hopefully I’ll be wearing this babe (growing ass willing) for years to come. I’d been looking for a black destroyed mini  all around Indy- but since our malls suck, I didn’t expect to find one. Even the one I had been admiring on Charlotte Russe’s IG wasn’t in stores.  So while browsing,I just happen to fatefully stumble across this one at the Forever 21 in Castleton Square the other day and my day was made! Score. Check out my picks for minis under $50 below!


5 Denim Mini's under $50

AEO Vintae High Rise Denim Skirt// Express Mid-Rise Distressed Denim Mini// ASOS Denim Original Skirt in Light wash Blue// Forever 21 MOMOKROM uneven denim skirt//Forever 21 Contemporary Distressed Denim Skirt in Black// <— This is the one I’m wearing in these photos!

Blue Faux Suede Slides 

Blue Lace up Body Suit// Faux Suede Slides

I also wanted to share my lip color with y’all- I’ve been wearing this non-stop this summer. I’ve had a couple compliments so I thought I would link it here- seriously this color goes on evenly and lasts! I’ve linked this color below for you, however Gerard Cosmetics have some great products and deals- usually you can bundle your lipcolors  in a group of 3 and get them at a discounted price!

Bright Orange lip for summer

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Mercury Rising”

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