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August 17, 2017

Shaggy Lox Hair ExtensionsShaggy Lox Hair ExtensionsShaggy Lox Hair ExtensionsShaggy Lox Hair ExtensionsHomemade Hulk Hogan Costume

 Today I’m talking hairs. Extensions to be exact. Throughout my 20’s I’ve probably had 10 sets of clip-ins: getting new ones to match new hair colors or just to replace old one’s that were fried and janky. (I even have some saved in a plastic baggy that my friend Melissa used once under a bald cap on Halloween to dress up as Hulk Hogan! (This is why we’ve been friends since we were twelve, and I am laughing so hard over these pics rn!) See, this is why I never throw anything away. You never know when a friend is going to need to borrow your old hair to make a WWF wrestler costume.

 Homemade Hulk Hogan Costume


The set I’ve been wearing lately (and man am I loving them!), and seen here in these photos is from Shaggy Lox at Studio Shag in Columbus, Indiana. Tim was the stylist who helped me match the hair. When I went, they had two colors of blonde- (my hair was a little darker when I originally went for my match up) and the darker blonde matched my roots perfectly, but I knew I had a color appointment (for my natural hair) coming up quickly and love the light color on the ends with my natural roots showing through. So, I chose the lighter set and we ombréd the roots and toned the blonde on the ends to be a bit more icy than warm. (I’m aware that my roots don’t look natural in these photos- we did a shadow root so when my hair grows out, my roots will show and wont need touching up quite as often. My hair is naturally a dishwater brown. Borrrrinnnngggg.)  Side Note: I get my hair color done by Brittney Bright at MGD Carmel, Tim just colored my extensions to match.

I wanted to share these with you all because I know choosing  brand of extensions can be overwhelming. Most places you have to order online and then worry about whether the hair will match your natural hair- if it doesn’t, tough shit! You can’t return them.  Even if you get a color swatch, it can be hard to match extensions to your natural hair yourself. If you’re an Indy gal, Shaggy Lox is a great option for you- you can go right into the shop and Tim can match your color, and custom cut and/or color them if you need it!

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Finished Product:

Homemade Hulk Hogan Costume


Custom Colored Shaggy Lox Clip-Ins

I wanted to include several different photos for you all, so you can see the dimension and variation in these. I’m not a fan of yellow barbie hair, so I am super happy with how these look in! (I love ashy, silvery blonde!)

In the past I’ve had an issue with my extensions tangling underneath close to my neck- it seems no matter how many times I would brush them, they tangled back up again with in 5 minutes. I haven’t had that issue with these (yet) and they are unbelievably soft!

These come in a travel bag so you have a place to store them when not wearing and when traveling. The hanger is great for clipping the hair onto, and hanging it on your towel rack- you can then use both hands to curl the extensions (if you do this before you put them in. I personally curl them along with my natural hair so the waves blend if I’m doing fresh curls.)Custom Colored Shaggy Lox Clip-In Extensions

The clips also have silicone bumpers inside the clip to cushion your hair agains the metal- so your hair isn’t sandwiched between two pieces of metal, which is potentially damaging.


To Schedule your consultation, call Studio Shag and ask for TIM. Use code “KELLI10” for a discount!

3780 W Jonathan Moore Pike, Ste 130, Columbus, IN 47201


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