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    Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Jeans- An Honest Review

    September 27, 2017


    Good American Jeans review.

    Good American jeans review.

    Good American Jeans Review

    Good American Jeans Review

    Good Amerian Jeans Review

    I’ve been wanting to try Khole Kardashian’s Good American brand ever since I first saw she was coming out with a denim line. The idea behind this brand is that they fit girls with curves- they come in size 0-24 . While I’m not considered what most people traditionally think of as “curvy” I’m not a twig and I do have trouble finding jeans that fit me just right and that I can honestly say I LOVE.  In fact, I’ve just resigned myself to feeling like a walking potato in denim when I wear pants.

    I’m just under 5’4″ (yes, I know we’ve discussed this many times- woe is me) and have somewhat muscular legs/sturdy thighs, so most of the jeans that I see in ads or on models- just don’t look cute on me like they do on those other girls. Well I’m here to tell y’all I found the BEST jeans of your life. (If you have a skinny or slender model body, these may not be the brand for you- but if you’re like me and have an athletic or curvy build- these are PURE EFFING GOLD.)

    I will say that the sizing is a little wonky on this brand- so you’ll definitely need to try a pair on before purchasing or ordering online. I found a pair online at Nordstrom that I had been drooling over for months, and then when I got $40 of N notes in the mail, I decided to go in and pull the trigger.

    There are two Good American “fits”. One is the “Good Waist” and the other is the “Good Legs”.  I purchased the Good waist pair (which I will link below) at Nordstrom, then wore them three days in a row because I loved them so much. The material is super stretchy- I even did a few squats to test them to see if they would ride down or up during movement. Those suckers are magical and stay put- didn’t cut into me or give me muffin top (I credit this to the high cut waist). The girl in the store said the Good Waist were supposed to be a little higher waisted than the Good Legs, but honestly- I couldn’t tell a difference.

    With a  such hefty price tag ($145-$185), I decided to scan PoshMark and Ebay to see if I could find another pair I liked at a discount. Score- I found a darker wash (new pair- but with the worlds tiniest hole in them) on Ebay for $79.00- then won them for a $55 bid! God, I always feel like such a gangsta when I get a good deal on something.

    The brand recommends to size down one size, and so do most of the reviews- however I really recommend trying on a pair at your local Nordy’s before purchase! For reference, I am 5’3.5, 125 lbs and usually wear a 1-3, or a 25/26 depending on brand. NEVER do I wear a 00, a 0 or a size 24. In this brand, I wear a 24. These are also a little long on me, so while I am linking the pair I am wearing in the photo- the hem was different when I purchased them. Almost all jeans are super long on me, so I cut them hem on both pairs myself to my liking.


    So I feel like I need to mention- this isn’t an ad, and I haven’t been paid to do a review on this brand. I just really wanted to share with you girls who may also have trouble finding jeans they love. We all deserve to have a pair of jeans in our life that make us say “damn, I feel good in these!” and these are that pair for me! I also wanted to share with y’all what these look like on a person without that tradmark K.Dash Bootie. (I WISH!)

    I know they are a little pricey- and it usually kills me to buy designer items like this, but this purchase was worth it in my opinion. Like I mentioned, if you can’t pull the trigger on the full price pair- use a Nordstrom note (if you’re a frequent shopper) or go in and try a pair on to find your size and then browse around online!

    I hope this review gets you gals as excited for fall denim as I am!


    Outfit Details:

    Exact pair of jeans (minus the high-low hem that I cut myself): Good American Good Waist Raw Edge Skinny Jeans in Blue (092), $175// Heels: Steve Madden Feelya Sandal in black, $59.99//


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