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    Brunch in Indy Series: Another Broken Egg Cafe

    November 28, 2017

    Hi friends! Here I am with the next installation of my “Brunch in Indy Series” presenting to you the Another Broken Egg Cafe’s new location in Fishers, IN. I’ve been to the one on Meridian, but got an invite to check out the new location for it’s friends’ and family soft opening.

    To be honest, every time I’ve come here (at the Meridian St. location) I’ve just ordered up something simple and hadn’t really perused the menu. (i.e. toast, bacon and coffee). This time I took the time to go over the menu, and gosh is it drool worthy: Beignets with honeyed marmalade, Banana’s Foster pancakes, blackberry grits,  and lobster and brie omelette, just to name a few OMG. (I’ve linked the menu at the bottom of this post for you, so you can check out the whole shabam!)

    The menu is complete with brunch drinks (yes, please- I’ll take two) seasonal menu items, and friendly service. (Madelyne- and sorry for spelling your name wrong  if you read this!) was seriously so friendly and explained the menu to us in detail. She allowed us to take our time, was conversational and had some good vibes going on. A+ on the service!

    Brunch in Indy Series: Another Broken Egg, Fishers

    She was such a sport and let me take her photo for this post!

    Brunch in Indy Series: Another Broken Egg, Fishers

    We tried the “Abe Famous Infused Bloody Mary”.

    Abe Famous Bloody Mary

    Boo-thang gettin’ his breakfast juice in.

    Brunch spots in Indianapolis

    And the Lemon Blueberry Infused Mimosa. This was a little sweet for me, but if sweet is your thing, this is a must-try!

    Another Broken Egg: Lemon Bluberry Infused Mimosa

    Biscuit Beignets

    Another Broken Egg: Beignets

    Beignets with honey marmalade.

    The Floridian Omelette

    The Floridian Omelette, Another Broken Egg

    Mom got the Lobster and Brie Omelette, and we shared both dishes, so we could try a little bit of both!

    Another Broken Egg: Lobster and Brie Omelette

    Another Broken Egg: Lobster and Brie Omelette

    Aaron went with the ol’ trusty Huevos Rancheros with chorizo because how can you go wrong with those? They were just as good as we expected them to be! (Complete with a side of house-made salsa and sour cream).

    Huevos Rancheros

    Another Broken Egg: Huevos Rancheros

    Ok- last but certainly not least (b/c these were my favorite part of the meal)  THE CITY GRITS. You guys. I’ve never been a huge grits person. In fact I was going to order the blackberry grits just to try them, but Madelyne talked me into these and I was NOT disappointed. Definitely getting these again. I know grits can be hard to perfect, and often hard to get a good flavor to them without them ending up bland. These have just the right amount of Gouda in them to add a hint of smokey cheesy, goodness. YUM.

    Another Broken Egg: "City Grits"- Gouda, tomato, bacon and green onion.

    Thank you Rootstock Hospitality Group for the invite- we will be back for sure!

    My cute mama and bf. Mom and I went to IKEA after this- it’s literally right down the street. We had a such great afternoon! If you come in for brunch plan time to head to IKEA afterward! EEEE!

    Another Broken Egg: Fishers, IN

    AND-bonus you guys- the patio is dog friendly! Here is the location info and the link to the website so you guys can check out their menus.


    Another Broken Egg, Fishers IN

    8626 East 116th Street, Suite 175

    Fishers – IN – 46038

    Corner of East 116th Street and Municipal Drive
    The day’s #OOTD (Because you must wear comfortable shoes when IKEA-ing)
    Shop the look here:
    My next “Brunch in Indy” series feature will be The Lemon Bar in Zionsville, stay tuned!
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