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The biggest shopping week of the year: Here are coupon codes for DIFF Eyewear, SheisBoutique, and Vicidolls

November 20, 2017

(#ad: This post has been sponsored by Diff Eyewear and Shoedazzle. All opinions and views are my own.)

It’s literally the biggest shopping week of the year, and you might be shocked to know that I personally hate going out on Black Friday. I’m more of a “sit on the couch, drink wine and shop online gal” when the craziest shopping day of the year rolls around. I get anxiety looking for a parking spot and dealing with all the rude people. Best to stay at home where I’m less likely to get trampled by crazy house wives. Amiright, or amiright?

Tonight I wanted to share some of my favorite retailers and they deals they are offering this week (most online, but some in store!)  So, I’m sharing tonight’s look from a few of these shops and linking some of my favorite items I’m loving now.  Happy shopping friends!

Fall Style: Diff Eyewear


Fall Style: Diff Eyewear

Fall Style: Diff Eyewear

Fall Style: Shop with Shoedazzle


Vici Dolls, “born to be wild” woven jacket, $68- Use coupon code: “SWEET20” for 20% off

Tank Top: She Is Boutique, $16 (I wear this top under everything!) Use code “Kelli10” for a discount!

Clutch is also from She Is Boutique, but is currently out of stock. I’ll be sure to post when they restock it!

Jeans are Good American by Khloe Kardashian and I’ve linked them at the bottom of this post. I also did a review on this brand in September, if you’ve been wondering about this brand, you can check it out here: “Khloe Kardashians Good American Jeans, An Honest Review”.


Shoes are from Did you guys know that when you sign up for Shoedazzle your personal stylist will curate an online showroom for you monthly to fit your personal tastes? Shoedazzle is your one stop shop online for shoes, handbags AND apparel!  I’ve got to say, I’ve worn these booties at least 5 times since I got them. For being a heeled boot, they are super comfy and match EVERYTHING. They’ve got some great fall and winter boot selections and you can check them out here.

Shoedazzle: Hope Bootie in Camel


 Sun Glasses: Diff Eyewear (Linked below) This is the Cruz in pink and gold. This is my second pair of Diff’s and I have to say, I’m a huge fan! I have a code for you guys to use, too! EEEE! (That’s a written translation of my excited noise)  Use “Bighair25”  for 25%off until Friday! Friday through Cyber Monday you can get these awesome deals, below.

Fall Style: Diff Eyewear

BLACK FRIDAY SALE (Thursday Evening – Monday night)

Buy One Pair, 30% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing)

Buy Two Pairs, 40% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing)

Buy Three Pairs, 50% off your order (excludes new styles & licensing

I’ve linked my sunnies and jeans for you guys here:


YOU GUYS. I also can’t end this post without mentioning that my photographer for this shoot was Amanda of Amanda Matthews photography. She’s UH-mazing! Follow her on FB here.

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