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Business Casual: Floral Blazer

December 19, 2017

H&M Floral Blazer

H&M Floral Blazer

Sometimes I have to dress like an adult and “business”. Luckily I never have to wear a suit or get too profesh, a blazer will usually do the job. I’ve been seeing some funky, fun patterned blazers all over the place this season, and when I saw this one on Megan from @suburbanmango , I knew I had to have it. If you like following instagram accounts with a good cohesive aesthetic, I highly recommend her feed. Her style is a little funky fresh mix of vintage and modern. (I promise, you’ll like her!)

Anywho, I’ve worn this blazer several times and had the opp to snap a couple pics today at lunch time. It’s got this 1990’s wallpaper feel (plus I can keep this and wear it when I’m an old lady, right? #grandmavibes) I ordered a size 6 in this because I wanted to be able to wear a top under it without being too tight through the shoulders (I think we all know H&M’s Euro sizes can be a little wonky, so I wanted to include this for reference!)

This particular blazer is on sale for $39.99 and my booties here are on sale for $26.99 (which is a great sale for Steve Madden’s)!  I’ve linked this blazer along with a couple other fun blazers from H&M for y’all today, because they are killing the blazer game. Happy shopping frenns!


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