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Topshop Knit Coat: Closet Staple

January 2, 2018

Topshop relaxed fit knit coat.

Topshop relaxed fit knit coat.

Topshop relaxed fit knit coat.

Topshop relaxed fit knit coat.

Hi babes! Is it cold enough for you all? Here in Indianapolis it’s a frosty -13 F and I’m none too happy about it. Neither are my dogs. In fact, I’ve been having to pick them up and carry them inside b/c their little pawsies are so cold. I hope you all (and your fur babies are staying warm!)

So on to this post: do you ever just see an item while shopping and say “YES. MY PRECIOUSSSSS”? No? Just me? Ok, then. Anywho, I snagged this hat at Urban Outfitters and wore it around the store and some fabulous gay man say “SLAYYYY QUEEN” while I had it on, so then I had to buy it. Amiright?

I have also been hunting for a quality, neutral coat in this color and happened to run across this in the Topshop section at Nordstrom. Yea, you also need to get in my closet. When I posted on my insta last week, y’all must have loved it b/c 5 of you purchased via my link (yay! Thank you!) and now they are sold out. But don’t be too sad- they have it restocked in black and burgundy, and I’ve linked this whole look for y’all below.


I also wanted to tell y’all that I have these booties in two colors (black and taupe) from forever 21 and I LOVE them. They have just high enough of a heel to be a little sassy, but are low enough they wont kill your feet and comfortable enough for walking around. My purse is from Marshall’s like two years ago, but it’s such a great color I carry it quite often. I’ve linked the closest bag I could find for you guys, too!

 Happy shopping frenns!

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