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Bravo Italian Cucina: Two Course Combo Menu

February 8, 2018

This post is in collaboration with Bravo, Italian Cucina. All opinions are my own

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading over to Indy’s local Bravo, Italian Cucina to test out their “Better Together” two-course combo menu: available from Jan. 9 through March 11. Starting at just $13.99, guests can pair their choice of soup or salad with one of three delicious entrees.  Aaron and I started out with a couple cocktails and decided to begin with the FRIED RAVIOLI. Served with marinara and a creamy horseradish (which let’s be honest I could eat like soup out of a bowl), and topped with freshly grated Parm-Reggiano. See exhibit A:

Bravo: Fried Ravioli

Speaking of freshly grated cheese, have y’all seen this floating around the interwebs?

Ok, cuz I feel like this is straight up accurate.  See exhibit B:

Bravo: Fried Ravioli

Our server was SOOO great by the way- I’m a firm believer that the service you receive during a dining experience can make or break said experience. This guy had some good JUJU, he was one of my favorite parts of  our visit!

Bravo Italian Cucina: Chopped Salad

Off the “better together” menu, I started with the chopped salad. If you know me at all, you know that salad is one of my favorite foods (comin’ in close behind pizza). This was crispy and crunchy with just the amount of tart feta and olives to compliment the freshness of the cucumber, onion and vinaigrette. Yum.

Bravo Italian Cucina: Linguini and clams

Next, I had the linguini and clams with Applewood bacon. This was DLish. I especially enjoyed the crispy bacon and light, buttery, white wine sauce on this.

Bravo Italian Cucina: Meatloaf

They were temporarily out of the Chicken Ravioli al Forno, so they offered us the other menu option:  MAAA THE MEATLOAF!!!! So usually I’m not a meatloaf gal. In fact, I don’t like BBQ sauce at all unless it’s homemade and even then I’m picky about it. This meatloaf was surprisingly good, you guys! We took the left overs home and I am embarrassed to say, I ate the rest of this dish COLD for BREAKFAST the next day. Ok, I’m not really embarrassed I just feel a little hillbilly admitting that I had cold left over meatloaf for breakfast.

And last but certainly not least, DESSERT. DUN NUHHHH NUHHHH.

Bravo Italian Cuciana: Caramel Apple Pie

Ok, I think we can all agree that apple pie is American as it gets, and it’s not very “Italian”. But hell. I didn’t care. This little slice of heaven was gone from this bowl in about 30 seconds. I even stabbed Aaron with the spoon. THIS PIE IS MINEEEEE (Scream this in the Cartman voice).

Be sure to head on over to your local Bravo to take advantage of this two-course combo deal, too! Cheers!


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