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    Indy Brunch Series: Week Two- Pioneer

    September 22, 2017

    Last’s weeks brunch spot post (The Metro Diner) was more of your traditional American diner fare- B’s and G’s, french toast, and fried chickies. This week I’m bringing you Pioneer: Indy’s  modern American take on Eastern European cuisine- or that’s how I would describe it anyway. If you’re a foodie and like “chef-inspired dishes” this place is I like my food fancy- but not so fancy I have to look at it and say “um, what is that?” Pioneer delivers on aesthetic, presentation and taste. Kudos Chef Josh! (Of course we will be back!) ** As a side note we’ve been in for dinner twice and it’s been a great experience both times, but I didn’t realize they were open for brunch until we ventured out for their brunch last Sunday.

    Indy Brunch Series: Week 2- Pioneer

    Chef Josh created these and brought them out to us as an appetizer treat!

    Ok, so to start off with the chef brought these out to us to try. I was skeptical at first- “these look like silver pork rinds”- I’m thinking as he sets them down. (Insert concerned/confused emoji here). He explained (and I’m dumbing it down quite a bit) that these are basically cuttlefish pork rinds, sans the pork. Can I tell you guys- I’m not a huge fan of pork rinds. AND, these were in fact, quite delightful.

    We let Chef choose items from the menu for us so what he brought out were his favorites, and thus a surprise to us. Here we go!

    Pioneer- Brunch in Indianapolis

    Pictured on the right (and below)- Olive oil-polenta cake with stewed fruit, Mascarpone and BACON BACON BACON.

    Brunch in Indy: Pioneer. Olive oil and polenta cake with stewed fruit.

    Brunch in Indy: Pioneer

    eggs valdostana: Pioneer

    Um, YUM. Who woulda thunk to put a tenderloin under a Benedict instedda muffin? AND the sage was fried crispy with sea salt. Yes, please! I would definitely order this dish again.

    Savory Crepes: Pioneer Indy

    Savory Crepes: Pioneer Indy

    I couldn’t decide between the Benedict or the Crepes, so Chef brought both out. I’m a huge fan of savory breakfast/brunch foods so these two items get the thumbs up from me!

    Brunch in Indy: Pioneer

    Meatball Sub: Pioneer IndyMeatball Sub? Eat your heart out. The sub was great, the bread was lightly toasted and NOT soggy from the sauce (very important) and the sauce had a bit of a red pepper spicy kick to it which was delicious.  I’m linking their brunch and dinner menu’s here too!

    Indy Brunch Series: Pioneer


    Pioneer is located at 1110 Shelby Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46203

    Hip staff. Hip neighborhood. Seasonal menu. Check it out.