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Falling for Jewel Tones: Today’s #ootd and 11 Jewel Toned Accessories to Help You Transition into Fall

October 17, 2015
Falling for Jewel Tones

Falling for Jewel Tones- Todays #ootd and 10 jewel toned accessories to help you transition to fall.Falling for Jewel Tones- Todays #ootd and 10 jewel toned accessories to help you transition to fall.Falling for Jewel Tones- Todays #ootd and 10 jewel toned accessories to help you transition to fall.Falling for Jewel Tones- Todays #ootd and 10 jewel toned accessories to help you transition to fall.Is anyone else loving the dark red tones that are in all the stores right now? Burgundy, maroon, garnet- whatever you want to call it, I’m totally digging it. That’s why I’ve scoured the vast abyss of the world wide web to find y’all some of this seasons cutest Burgmarnet (that’s what I’m calling this color) items. For this outfit, I just used it as my accent color- I wear a lot of neutrals (grey being a large section of my closet.) I wore this to work this day, and just grabbed a hat before leaving the house quickly- I had a photo shootin’ date with  a two year old at the pumpkin patch and was in a hurry!

By the way, if anyone is looking for a great place to take family portraits for the fall in the Indianapolis area, Waterman’s Farmer’s Market has some of the cutest scenery! I just might be headed back before it gets too cold to do some couples photos!

I  feel like I need  to mention this comfort factor of these jeans. I’ve never worn or owned pajama jeans (which I think are hilarious) but I think these are pretty much what they would feel like. The material on these are super soft, and they are stretchy. Probably one of the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn! I’ll be living in these this fall I’m sure.  These are from Forever, and I’ve linked them below.

ALSO- can I say- I am so glad the super low cut, hip hugging jeans phase is over. I am glad that I can finally bend over without feeling like my entire butt hole is showing to the world. Can I get an amen? That being said- a guy at work told me that these particular pants were “mom jeans” and I was trying to rock the 80’s/early 90’s grunge look. And  then I was like, ” What do you know, PEASANT?!?! YOU AND YOUR NECK BEARD KNOW NOTHING of the current trends. Go back to your dungeon of dungarees and mandals!”  Seriously. That’s what I said.

I brought the sunflowers for my girlfriend, who’s son I was taking photos of, and thought they’d be a good photo prop. The yellow pop of color always looks beautiful in photos, and they are my favorite right around fall time!

Real quick- this purse is probably five or six years old. It’s Juicy Couture and I’m surprised I still have it, but I’m glad I kept it! I love the color, it’s absolutely perfect for transitioning into the colder months, plus it matched my lipstick I was wearing!   I couldn’t find it anywhere on the net, but I did link a cute bag from Aldo in the accent piece set I created for you all! Happy shopping!

If you’re viewing this on a pc or laptop, you should be able to see the accent piece set I’ve created at the top of the page, along with the product links to the site where you can purchase any of them. If you’re viewing this on a mobile device, you can see the set below, also linked to the site via the photo. (Click the photo).

11 Jewel Toned accent pieces to help you transition into fall.




//Lipstick: Mac, Amorous (the photo on Mac’s website looks lighter than the color actually is. Super misleading: in real life I would describe this color as a brick-berry, with cool undertones.)// Lipliner: NYX Cosmetics, Warm Mauve Brown– can’t beat it for $3.50!// Jeans: Forever 21, Ripped High Rise Super Skinny Jeans// Tee: (similar) Forever 21, marled knit tee// Hat:  (similar) Nordstrom, Floppy wool felt hat//Booties: Nordstrom Rack, Melrose and Market. (unfortunately these are sold out in every size in both black and camel,  but if you can find them anywhere- DO NOT pass these pups up. They are my most comfortable booties/boots hands down! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!// Necklace: Jenny Bird Shielded Necklace, via (use code “Bighairandfoodiefarexoxo” for your first month for free!//

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