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    Thanksgiving Menu and Table Scape- Vintage Touches

    November 19, 2017

    Hi Friends! I hope you all are as excited for Thanksgiving next week as I am! This is our first year hosting and we’ve decided to go with a not-so-traditional menu. I’m actually pretty stoked, so much in fact that I’m going balls to the wall Martha Stewart with dis betch. I’ve come up with a menu that I’m going to have printed (sharing the link below so you can make one too if you like!)  Link to this menu template, here. (You’ll need to create an account, but they have a free option, too!) I use Canva for quite a few projects, not just blog related. If you haven’t checked it out, they offer templates that you can customize to fit your needs.

    Yes, this is my actual menu, and no, I’m not making all of these dishes myself, in one day. I have some family members bringing a few of these dishes, and I’ve already started cooking tonight! The stuffing and cranberry recipes are new to me this year and I’m trying them from this issue of “Cooking Light” which I’ve been drooling over for the last three weeks! (If you’re looking for some recipe inspo, not just for thanksgiving but for cold weather in general, this issue is gonna be your jam).

    The Best Cooking Magazine!

    So continuing on, I didn’t realize how hard it was to get a good photo of a table scape. I tried my best, but I have rather low lighting in my dining room- the fact that my dinette is black doesn’t help when trying to photograph the whole set-up. I think the photos kind of turned out moody and delicious ,though.

    Thanksgiving tablescape

    So, to let you guys know, I’ve linked similar products at the end of this post. Everything on my table top as seen here is from TJ Maxx or Hobby lobby (with the exception of the white glassware). TJ Maxx doesn’t have an online shop, and hobby lobby doesn’t have some of the items I purchased listed so if you don’t have a Marshall’s/TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby close to you, I’ve linked some places that you can purchase similar pieces online.

    Thanksgiving Table Set-up

    This centerpiece is from TJ Maxx Homegood’s and it also came in white and gold too. The pumpkins came from an ugly wreath at Marshall’s that was on discount for $15. I couldn’t find any white pumpkins ANYWHERE since it was so late in the season, so I took wire cutters and snipped these off the wreath, plopped them o the table and VOILA.  These are velour, and I love how they turned out on this table top!  I’ve also notice there’s quite a large dog hair in this pic, but what can you do? (I have three dogs and a cat in the house, so it is what it is. LOL!)

    Thanksgiving Table Set-up

    I wasn’t sure how I was going to jazzify the napkins- whether I was going to fold them funky and tie them with some sort of fabulous ribbon or napkin holder, but after a search of the entire universe, I couldn’t find any napkin rings OR floral pieces that I felt would fit right with my set-up and went with wheat. I don’t really go for traditional Fall decor, so I felt like this wheat was a good compromise. I also chose a lot of neutrals/metallic pieces that weren’t necessarily holiday themed because I wanted to be able to use these pieces year-round. This wheat came in a large bundle, also from Hobby Lobby for $6.  There was plenty left over to put in a vase or use for other craft projects if you like!

    Gold Cutlery

    Ok. Metallic cutlery. Let’s talk realness. I’ve been drooling over all the gold and rose gold “silver”ware. Like hard core. I haven’t found it in my budget to actually purchase any fancy sets, but I happen to stumble across some at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas table-top section and I literally shat myself. Ok, not literally but I came pretty close. They were $14 a setting, 50% off (salad fork, dinner fork, table knife, soup spoon. .  and. . mystery spoon hahaha).  I bought 10 sets for special occasions and dinner parties and I’m pretty stoked. (Dishwasher safe too! Or so the package says). I couldn’t find these on their website, so I’ve linked a couple options for you below, although not at the same price point.

    Thanksgiving Tablescape

    Thanksgiving Tablescape

    I do want to make a note to let you guys know that my milk glass beverage set pictured in the photos here are vintage. I purchased them at Midland Arts and Antiques in Indianapolis. (If you like antiquing and live in Indy, GO. Spend an afternoon here. Take a bottle of wine, I mean keep it hidden in your purse- but GO.) Such a guilty pleasure of mine.  If you aren’t familiar with milk glass, its often considered a collectors item and was very popular back in the 1950’s. Both my great grandma and grandma had sets of these while I was growing up (flower vases, candy dishes, drinking glasses) and I feel like they add a nostalgic touch to special events. Milk glass can come in an array of colors (although the white is my favorite), but if you’re interested I recommend looking at antique dealers- they are more likely to have a full set than a thrift shop. However, sometimes you can get lucky at Goodwill or Salvation Army, and if you like the mix and match look, that’s definitely a cost effective option.

    Milk Glass

    What are you favorite places for menu and table inspiration?


    I’ll be posting some recipes coming up so keep your eyes peeled if you need some THX2017 recipe inspo! I’d love to hear your thoughts below!