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    Brunch in Indy Series: The Lemon Bar

    December 6, 2017

    Today’s “Brunch in Indy” series post is featuring the Lemon Bar, in Zionsville, which has the CAUUUTEST decor.  The baked goods here come from the Flying cupcake (same owner) so if you’re a fan of their sweets, you’ll like the treats at Lemon Bar, too!

    I got to visit for brunch a few weeks ago with my blogger wife, Britt of The Pretty Plus. (She’s so photogenic I want to puke on her, btw. She literally doesn’t take a bad pic.) Exhibit A:

    Brittany of The Pretty Plus

    If you want to check out how effortlessly cool she is, click on over to her blog, here:  The Pretty Plus. (I’ve linked her post on our visit to the Lemon Bar, too).

    Anyhoo- Britt got the fish and chips. The fish was fried to perfection had a nice crispy crunch to it.  And yes, I totally ate everything Brittney’s plate. No shame in my brunch game. I gotta try everything on the table, ok?

    The Lemon Bar Zionsville, Fish and Chips

     Justa word of warning, they open at 10 through the week, but don’t start serving food until 10:30, so if you’re looking for brunch, be aware that you may be chillin’ with some coffee before you can get any grub!

    I had the quiche of the day and a mushroom soup.

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville Indiana: Quiche of the day

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville Indiana: Quiche of the day

    Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare at the Lemon Bar, Zionsville Indiana

    Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare at the Lemon Bar, Zionsville Indiana

    My favorite thing (besides the company) was the decor. Shabby chic with some vintage touches- right up my alley!

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    Can we just put this room in my house already?

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    I mean, how cute are these light fixtures?

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN

    The Lemon Bar, Zionsville, IN


    The room with the chandelier seems to be for private parties, which would be great for baby showers/girls brunches etc. They have several different menus on their website (Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Menu, Dessert and Holiday Booze Menu) so I thought I would just share the link so you can view them there.

    The Lemon Bar

    95 E. Pine Street
    Zionsville, IN


    All in all, I will definitely come back for a coffee and sweet treat date! This would be the perfect place to take my niece for a “girls’ day”! I don’t get up the Zionsville side of town too often, where are your favorite places to visit up there?


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