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Winter Coat Sale Alert!

December 26, 2017

 Happy day after Christmas y’all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family!

My mom has had one of these long black poofy coats for years and years. I resisted buying one in my late teens and early 20’s because I thought they were “old lady-ish” and if it was warm, it wasn’t cute. Amiright or amiright, gals? (As you can probably guess, I spent a good portion of that time of my life thinking I looked cute but freezing my ass off.)

Two years ago I bought myself a waist-length North face I found on deep discount at TJ Maxx. This year I broke down and bought myself one when perusing the isles at Tarjay. B/c you know, #targetdoesitagain. I didn’t really need this coat, per se, but HEY IT’S INDIANA and now it’s freezing balls and I’m so glad I bought it! This has been one of those purchases I’ve been wearing NON-STOP and for the price ($60) you really can’t beat it. I’ve had so many random strangers ask me about it (which is kind of weird b/c its a plain black coat, but whatever) I decided to do a post and link it for y’all here so you can get in on this poofy coat action too. (PLUS it’s on SALE today for $42!) UHHH YEA, go buy yoself one girl. Link is below!

Blogger Style: Black Puffer coat

Ummmm also, if you’re a ginger lover, did you know that Ale 8 one is also available in Indiana?  (Great with bourbon, or by itself!) I have a whole case who wants to come have a bourbon sippin’ party?!

Blogger Style: Black Puffer coat

Blogger Style: Black Puffer coat

Blogger Style: Black Puffer coat

By the way, my hat is from Lolablu Boutique in Broadripple IN (they don’t have a website yet, you can only shop in store) and my jeans are from Vicidolls:

I’ve linked the coat, shoes, keychain and lipstick for you here:


*Photos for this post are by the always lovely Amanda Matthew’s Photography (Go like her on FB!)

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    Love the jacket!

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